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Moana, South Australia.


From $2500 per night

Luxe Features

From concept to completion no thought nor expense has been spared in creating a space that provides all the luxury features you could want to create an unforgettable stay. From the moment you unlock the keyless door and enter the house, your breath is taken away by the extravagance of the house. Travel between the three levels via glass elevator, relax in the 20 person heated spa or play the baby grand piano as you overlook the fleurieu coast. In the morning you can enjoy instant coffee from the Gagganeu coffee maker made from freshly ground beans or make an instant tea from the zip taps which provide instant boiling water as well as chilled and sparkling. In winter enjoy underfloor heating and live fire heater or in summer cool down with aircons throughout. Control the entire house and stream music throughout with the flick of a finger via an ipad located on each level. For your entertainment there is 2 kayaks and 2 paddle baords and for those who just want to relax there is 7 drop down tv's each with Netflix, Stan and internet access.


Luxury Furniture at its Finest

Luxe Haus showcases both elegance and sophistication through top of the range interior and exterior furnishings. Majority of the standout furnishings such as the mirrors, heated towel rails, side tables, sofas, chairs and bar stools were sourced through Misura.

Misura was established in 2013 and from the beginning their objective was to offer the Australian market a collection of furniture that sets itself apart in the design world but also embodies all the qualities that one would expect from high end level furniture.

With white leather being the main feature surrounding the aspect of seating within the villa its hard not to notice the detail that went into creating such pieces. Whilst set against a dark background of black wood which builds the inside structure of the house it’s a sight never before seen.

The High Tech

“The technology and devices that run the house will make your stay unbelievable”

Luxe Haus includes state of the art technology that runs the entire house from complete access to unlocking and securing each door of the house to heating the spa and controlling the water systems, all at the touch of a button.

Luxe is equipped with three Apple iPads located on each separate level and chargeable from visible wall mounts. The house can be controlled from these devices. There are touch panels also located in each room of the villa which control the high tech devices in each area.

The control panels work off a self touch base formula and a drag and scroll movement is used to get the desired device groups and a simple touch to adjust the setting.

The bedrooms simply lock and unlock at one touch of a finger. The kitchen taps are designed for minimal time wasting and have two features which include a red button for instant boiling water and a blue button for chilled water. The other unique feature includes pressing both for sparkling cool water.

Each level has a highly graded GAGGENAU coffee machine which requires no experience and anyone can use it for the ultimate coffee of their choice. The ‘on’ switch is located underneath the pourers and only requires the guest to turn two dials, one to switch to coffee and the other to choose what kind of coffee they would like. Then with the press of a button the machine takes care of the rest. The entire coffee machine is inbuilt into the wall and simply pulls out in a draw like manner to easily replace the coffee grinds and water.

There are two types of heating available. Guests can choose between underfloor heating or the live fire which is located underneath the feature wall and is inbuilt into the floor in the upper living area. This provides the ultimate heating system and warms the entire house in no time. The technology is simple yet sophisticated, all that is needed is to open the hatch, light the fire and then close to extinguish the flame.

The control panel in each living area and all four bedrooms control the TV’s that are mounted into the ceiling in a drop down control system. Two simple touch buttons manually drop the TV screens down to best viewing angles and send them back up after viewing.

All kitchen stove tops, cooking plates and ovens are all GAGGENAU and work off a touch screen basis. The exhaust fan lifts up from the middle of the bench to tie in with a modernistic feel that Luxe Haus encapsulates so well. Luxe also includes a dumbwaiter which runs from the lowest service kitchen level all the way to the top guest level. This food-lift allows for efficient delivery and no stress. The Dumbwaiter can be controlled from the control panel located in the kitchen area on all levels.

The technology in this house is a must see to believe.

Come and stay with Luxe Haus and experience true luxury at its finest.

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